Travel, well done, tells the story of life

Vision Travel, well done, tells the  story of Life 

Mission  To publish high-quality writing marked by significant journey, outwards or inwards or both.




Earthdog Press is a selective, independent, and Christian-oriented publlsher which explores both the journey and meaning of life.


The imprint was formed in 2013 to tease apart the spiritual from the banal, the better from the worse, the wheat from the chaff.


We welcome and encourage you to join us on this journey!



Latest news:  We are proud to announce the launch in October 2018 of My World Book 1: Hitching the Globe on $10 a Day, by our in-house author Ben Batchelder.


This is the author’s third work to be published in four years. It is a travel memoir, recounting an era when hitchhiking was less dangerous, the Iron Curtain a steely barrier, and the dollar went much further than now. 


Fresh out of college, Batchelder despairs of his first career, chaotic life, and diseased family. When an invitation to Europe falls into the depths of a New York winter, he grabs at the chance to renew himself.                                                             

                                                                                                  Abandoning it all, including family with the threat never to return, he crosses the Atlantic and begins an odyssey, traveling ever-east on a shoe-string and a hope.                                              


It is a tale of a young man losing his innocence, awakening politically, falling in love, and finding the support, and resourcefulness, to pull through the most dangerous miles of his life.


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